IUE Identifier

What is it?

The IUE, Unique Address Identifier (IUE) is a code that unequivocally identifies a physical address (domicile), allowing to improve two essential aspects:

Logistics Activity

postal distribution, technical assistance and utilities maintenance

Efficiency in waste management

only unsorted waste for determination of the bio-waste content

IUE Identifier

What are the advantages of the iue?

This integrated approach includes intelligent logistics solutions, based on collaboration and sharing, in order to optimize the number of vehicles and resources needed in various operations applied to the areas covered by the two living laboratories located in the parishes of Massamá e Monte Abraãowith improvements in the following indicators:

Annual reduction of CO2 emissions produced by waste management and urban logistics activities;

Reduction of kms traveled by vehicles involved in urban logistics operations in living labs;

Increased vehicle occupancy rate for last-mile deliveries;

Implementation of innovative mitigation/decarbonization measures.

What is it used for?

In your IUE portal you can:

  • 1.

    Complete the information provided during the online shopping process, so that you can choose the best operational and environmental options for your address at the click of a mouse;

  • 2.

    Choose alternative delivery addresses, which maximize efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions

  • 3.

    Filling out data related to the services of electricity, water and gas technicians;

  • 4.

    Improve waste management services;

IUE Identifier

How to use?

i.  Using your IUE, you register the user.
ii. In the application in the menu:
  • 1.

    Manage addresses: you can validate and complement information, as well as enter alternative addresses for mail and parcel delivery, choose a nearby logistics center with lockers available 24h/day;

  • 2.

    Management of Water, Electricity and Natural Gas Meters: consult, update, information regarding your installations, which is gathered in a single place with all the information that allows the provision of a more effective and environmentally sustainable service; such as preferred times for scheduling readings, technical inspections, etc;

  • 3.

    Participate in the waste management process by separating biological waste and regular trash, being able to request more bags for waste separation inside the app.

iii.  In the Consult menu you can check how the use of IUE is contributing to reduced CO2 emissions, increased logistics efficiency, reduced traffic and increased recycling rates.
IUE Identifier

Listing of application purposes divided into 3 levels:

I.Those that imply direct citizen involvement

  • Waste and Distribution of Online Shopping orders: In these activities the adhering citizens will have to separate bio-waste and undifferentiated waste, using bags provided for this purpose. In online shopping they will have to use the IUE as a way to be able to choose the most efficient option in terms of environment and service;

II.Executed by the team during the project without the need for citizen intervention

  • Technical services related to energy, water and gas distribution facilities, since the IUE will allow the entities responsible for providing these services to do so in a more efficient environmental and adequacy way to the user's needs;
  • Postal distribution - IUE allows the concentration of more items to be delivered to the same location, minimizing the ecological footprint;

III.Those that could be developed in the future

  • Proximity exchange centers
  • Multi-service logistic warehouses
  • Micro waste treatment and material recovery centers

What is it used for?

This code allows the user to set information and preferences regarding his address;