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The municipality of Sintra is the stage for the incrementation of the i4efficiency project with two living labs located in the parishes of União de Freguesias de Sintra (UFS) and União de Freguesias de Massamá e Monte Abraão (UFMMA).

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    Sintra is the 2nd most populous municipality in Portugal, after Lisbon.

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    Sintra continues to occupy a place in the national TOP10 in the study of Bloom Consulting Portugal City Brand Ranking, on the business climate, tourism performance and opportunities offered to new residents. The ranking is based on statistical data from areas such as: Tourism (visiting), Business and Living. In the Lisbon region, Sintra ranks 3rd considering the Business category, Visiting in 2nd position and Living in 4th.

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    The environmental policy of the municipality of Sintra aims to protect and enhance environmental and human resources, in the equity of a sustainable and responsible development for future generations. For a greener and blue municipality, country and world!

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    The municipality and other stakeholders share responsibilities in the promotion of environmental and social awareness, aggregating synergies in the planning and implementation of programs, projects and actions in the area of customized environmental education and awareness, of added value, for the exercise of active citizenship in the conservation and protection of the environment.

i4efficiency Project allows

Project i4efficiency allows, essentially, the constitution of innovation models associated with the various aspects addressed in the MFEEE 2014-2021 Environment Program, as well as the Strategic Plans of the Municipality of Sintra, namely the Municipal Master Plan and Urban Rehabilitation Strategies, or even National public policies (Sustainable Cities 2020), up to the Sustainable Development Goals, of the United Nations, particularly in the context of rationalization of means in urban metabolism and logistics processes.


innovative mitigation/decarbonization measures

2076 ton/year

annual CO2 emission reduction


beneficiaries of the pilot services
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