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5 tips to optimize waste management at home

Getting into the habit isn't easy, but the planet will thank you and you will feel that you are contributing to a better world. Since we know that kitchens can be a mess with so many different types of garbage, we will give you some tips on how to organize them.

Identify the types of waste you produce the most.

Look closely at your routine and where you produce the most waste, is it plastic bottles? Maybe paper? Or is it biodegradable waste.

After identifying the type of waste you produce most, you already know how many specific recycling bins you need to have at home.

Separate your cooking oil, batteries, and batteries well.

Although not everyone is aware of it, cooking oil is a big problem. If poured down drains or sinks it can cause clogged sewers and can seriously contaminate the environment, waterproofing the soil and polluting rivers and groundwater.

Batteries, on the other hand, are part of hazardous waste so they need to go into the right container otherwise they can get into the water and enter the food chain of aquatic beings leading to serious health problems such as cancer or damage to the central nervous system.

Reutiliza e descarta adequadamente de forma periódica

Another important tip is to keep a periodicity in the disposal of waste. Determine at least 1 day a week to go to the recycling garbage can to separate the garbage, you will notice that if you do it this way it will cost you much less than if you let it accumulate

Always look at the package label

Whenever you are unsure of the right place to separate your waste look through the label and you will probably find the information you need. If you are in need of help with Bio-waste separation, check here for more information.

Tips and Curiosities

Did you know that:

Fonte: orientações Biorresíduos (ministério do ambiente)

Ao retirar os Biorresíduos do lixo comum estamos a retirar a componente causadora dos gases de efeito de estufa pelos aterros,

and channeling its full potential (material and gaseous) into totally independent and closed systems. Although it is possible to collect biogas from the landfill, the valorization potential of a dedicated plant is much higher;

Deste tratamento podem ser extraídos vários produtos, sendo os mais importantes:

1) superior quality organic compost;

2) biogas, which can be refined for direct replacement of natural gas, serve as fuel for gas vehicles, or for electricity production;