How will it help the environment?

3 trips in one

The user can consult the unique identifier that contains all the user's address information and the following features:

Create delivery preferences

The delivery preferences allow the user to set preferred delivery times; with this option the user can even set other delivery locations (dropPoints or lockers) for periods when the user is away from home.

Refer to the utilities:

water, electricity and gas meter.

Consult the collected residues

The waste query presents the quantities of bio-waste and undifferentiated waste produced in the household.

Order waste bags

Under the I4E project, bags will be made available for the storage and collection of bio-waste and undifferentiated waste, so that if users run out of bags they can request them through the platform.


innovative mitigation/decarbonization measures


annual CO2 emission reduction


beneficiaries of the pilot services
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What does barcoding consist of?

At first glance the bar code may go unnoticed but it has much more when you look closely,...

Common typology

Barcoding is a method of representing data in a visual and machine-readable form. Initially, barcodes were represented by varying the widths and spacings of parallel lines.

Green color symbology

Green symbolizes hope, freedom, as well as growth, renewal, and fulfillment, something we have always wanted to associate with the project. In addition, green has a global symbolism that is associated with ecological and environmental preservation movements.

Telephone Contact

At the top of the barcode there is a telephone number to call if you have any questions about the project initiative and the main goals to be achieved, as well as the objectives that have already been met.

IUE and different stroke thickness

The differently sized dashes symbolize the different ecological footprints, while IUE is short for Unique Address Identifier,

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